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Boasting some of the best amenities of any Long Term Visitor Area, the Imperial Dam LTVA stands out as a boondocker’s paradise. With 5 dump stations, 7 potable water stations and 7 Dumpsters, everything you need for a 7 month or 14 day stay is available right here. Then there is that hidden jewel of Imperial, the 18 showers offering a seven minute hot shower costing just 25 cents. And like everything here, the showers are spotless.

At The BLM Service Area

Most people coming to the “amenities center” will be dumping, filling with water and dumping their trash. Here are a few tips that will get you through as fast and efficiently as possible.

  1. To dump first, when you see the potable water stations, pull in between them and the Dumpsters.
  2. Turn right until you reach the dump stations and pull into one. Now the dump station is on the left side of your RV.
  3. Dump your RV and clean up.
  4. Pull out to the street and take a right
  5. Continue past the Dumpsters to the Potable water station, turn right and pull in.
  6. Fill up your water tank[s]
  7. Pull ahead making a wide right turn to the dumpsters
  8. Empty your trash
  9. Pull out to the street and take a right or a left depending on where your campsite is located. See BLM map (image file). Or use our new, interactive maps to locate your neighborhood.

One thing we should mention, expect a friendly hello from passers by and volunteers. The conversations and laughter can take significantly longer than your chores. 🙂

Be sure to drive between the Dumpsters and Water Stations to enter the dump stations from the rear. You will notice that there is a curb around the dump station that should be on your left that keeps accidents from spreading between stations.
There are suspended water hoses available to clean out your sewer hoses and the area in case of spills. Note that this is non-potable water so don’t use it to fill your RV’s water tank. Instead, visit the potable water stations.
Another rare procedure employed at the Imperial Dam is their own sewer treatment ponds. You can see the plastic-lined ponds as you enter and exit the amenities area from Senator Wash Road.

Dump Stations

Spotless dump stations complete with water hoses for cleaning up are almost always available with no waiting. It stays clean in large part due to the many volunteers’ watchful eyes.


  • Water
  • Easy Access
  • Friendly Volunteers

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Potable Water

Marked as potable water by the officials at the Imperial Dam LTVA, 6 water stations are available for you to fill up your RV. Whether you filter and/or trust public water (we do here), you will find an abundant source of water for your RV.


  • Government Certified
  • Unlimited For RVs
  • No Charge

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This water meets all applicable federal standards for drinking water or it could not be marked as such, which it clearly is. Additionally, the water at the dump stations is clearly marked non-potable. We do drink the potable water, and do run it through our filters to remove any particles that can come from any water source. This is a personal choice and we are offering no more than our observations and opinion.
If you decide not to drink the “Potable Water” available here, you can purchase bottled water at the Christian Service Center on Ferguson Road (see map image or use our new, interactive maps) in the LTVA or in Yuma.


The Dumpsters

Numerous dumpsters are available for trash disposal. Please note that no items may be removed from any of the dumpsters once placed in them. This, we’re told, is to prevent any problems or injuries that could occur.


  • 7 Large Dumpsters
  • Emptied Weekly or as Needed
  • Scavenging not allowed

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Additional Services at the BLM Service Area

Registration & Hosts

There is an official trailer for registration and information run by the Camp Hosts normally open from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, 7 days per week. Please see Getting There  for directions.

  • Camp Hosts
  • Registration
  • Information



There are two adjacent buildings with spotless bathrooms for registered guests which include sinks and flush toilets. There is also a vault toilet available at the “Gravel Pit” Please see Getting There for directions.

  • Most W/Flush Toilets
  • Some With Showers
  • Spotless

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There is a volunteer Library (The Liberry) near the BLM Services Area located in a small trailer. Please visit the Imperial Dam LTVA Liberry Page for current information. In addition to books, other items such as tools are sometimes available. Please see Getting There for directions.

  • Books
  • Tools
  • Information

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Pirate WiFi

While not authorized by the BLM, there is a Pirate WiFi service available to a limited part of the LTVA. Run by a private individual, the service has been running for a few years and seems to be liked by its users. Note that the service is based on the older 3G and not the much faster 4G services. While not generally acceptable by most users for broadband applications such as downloading movies, it is adequate for applications such as email, as long as large pictures and movies are not attached. Please see Getting There for directions.

Hot Showers At The Squaw Lake Campground

There are 12 hot showers available in 3 buildings at the “Squaw Lake” campground. Showers run on tokens and each token costs $1.00 and last about 7 minutes. A real bargain if you have been to a National Park lately. The water is almost always hot, and the showers clean. For boondockers, there is the added advantage of not having to truck in the required water for showers to your RV. And for those of you who don’t have solar hot water panels, when you deduct those propane costs and the burden of running out to get propane, these great showers look even better.

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Christian Service Center


Beyond Church Services, the Christian Service Center offers a wide array of services for its Imperial Dam LTVA neighbors. Located on private property within the Imperial Dam LTVA, it has been providing needed services to its neighbors since 1972.

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The Christian Service Center offers mail & package service for its LTVA neighbors, complete with your own address, at no charge. Just sign up at the “post office” and you’re ready to go! Post Office hours are seasonal so be sure to visit the CSC Post Office page for details, hours and restrictions.
The Christian Service Center offers the use of computers and WiFi at its computer center. The first 10 kilobytes are free, after that there is a nominal fee to cover their costs which are considerable as they are located off the grid in the Sonoran Desert. Hours are seasonal so be sure to visit the Computer Center page for details, hours and restrictions.
There is a propane filling station for your RV and propane bottles, available at the Christian Service Center. The prices are higher than some facilities in Yuma but not when the cost of gas is considered to get your RV to Yuma. Any profits made go right back into the Christian Service Center so that they can continue services to their neighbors. Hours are seasonal so be sure to visit the Propane Sales page for details, hours and restrictions.
The Christian Service Center has a little thrift store that offers some of the best bargains in the desert! It’s also a great place to meet your neighbors and learn of the latest news and happenings at the Imperial Dam LTVA. As with everything at the Christian Service Center, 100% of the little money made goes right back into the Center to continue providing services to our community. Hours are seasonal so be sure to visit the Thrift Store page for details, hours and restrictions.

Getting There

We have provided two sets of directions. Please see the one that applies to your location and refer to the BLM map. Or use our new, interactive maps.

  • From Senator Wash Road

Pass Kripple Creek on the right and the entrance to Gravel Pit Road on the left. Continue past Skunk Hollow on the right then turn left at Hurricane Ridge on to Mesa Road. The water stations, dumpsters and dump stations are on the left. A little beyond them, the Registration Office is on the left. Another 50 feet or so, the Camp Host’s RV is on the left. Continuing on Mesa Road past the Camp Hosts, the two sets of restrooms are on the left.

  • From The Gravel Pit

From Senator Wash Road, take a left at Kripple Creek on to Gravel Pit Road. Pass the Gravel Pit Pavilion on the right, continue to the 5 Corners intersection and make a right on to Mesa Road. The two sets of restrooms are on the right. Continuing past the bathrooms, the Camp Host’s RV is on the right. Past the Camp Hosts is the Registration Office on the right. Beyond that you will find the dump stations, dumpsters and water stations on the right.

From Senator Wash Road toward the registration and services area, pass Kripple Creek on the right and the entrance to Gravel Pit Road on the left. Continue past Skunk Hollow on the right then past Hurricane Ridge on the right and Mesa Dr. on the left. Cross over the dam and make a right at the Squaw Lake Campground sign. The campground is on your left. After the stop sign is a parking area and one set of 4 showers is on the left. The showers operate on tokens, and the token kiosk, where you can change your money into tokens, is located by these showers. If you continue down the road to the boat launch, there is another set of 4 showers. There is also a set of 4 showers in the campground itself.
Head South on Senator Wash Road. Turn right on Ferguson Road. We are located on the right, you can’t miss us.

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  1. rick sutherland

    I’m seriously planning on this LTVA in a couple of years when I retire and would like any info that is not available on this site. I’m especially concerned about cell service and whether or not a cell signal booster will work in this area. I am also a contractor and might be interested in hosting.

    As I am a writer, I plan to spend much of my time corresponding with publishers.

    As I have also been an avid camper for most of my life, this area has water, I have a kayak and might like this area very much.

    Any chat lines available?

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