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Imperial Dam LTVA

The Imperial Dam LTVA is much more than a campground. It is the winter home to thousands of residents. It wasn’t long after we started the “small” Imperial Dam LTVA website (  that we discovered the size and magnitude of the Imperial Dam LTVA and its communities within. Soon, an entire family of website sprang up from to support the many Neighborhoods and services that are part of the Imperial Dam LTVA community.

Imperial Dam LTVA

The Imperial Dam LTVA has some of the best amenities of any Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA). It stands out as a boondocker’s paradise. With 5 dump stations, 7 potable water stations and 7 Dumpsters, it has everything you need for a 7 month or 14 day stay. Then there is that hidden jewel of Imperial Dam LTVA, the 18 showers featuring a seven minute hot shower costing just $1. And like everything here, the showers are spotless.

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Imperial Dam LTVA: Senator Wash Reservoir

Imperial Dam LTVA: Squaw Lake Boat Ramp

Emergency Response Team

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) makes sure our residents get the best medical attention possible, as fast as possible. The CB radio is an important part of the ERT, used to coordinate help and get it where it’s needed. The CB radio is a central part of helping residents and has done so since 1977. Our interactive maps, the new kid on the block, were created so that residents can register the neighborhood they’re in. And that’s just the beginning.

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Boondocker Chatter

The Boondocker Chatter is the Imperial Dam LTVA’s very own newsletter. It provides interesting stories about the people, places and activities of this desert community. There are also articles on boondocking and health tips. Pretty much something for everyone who lives on the desert. The Boondocker Chatter Online gives online access to current and past articles contained in the hard copy (PDF) newsletter. You can add your name to the mailing list to receive the PDF version of the newsletter or peruse the articles online. It’s your choice.

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Imperial Dam LTVA: Yuma Proving Grounds

Imperial Dam LTVA: Christian Services Center

Christian Service Center

A Christian Center? What almost every resident of the Imperial Dam LTVA will tell you, whether they are Christian or not, is that what changes the Imperial Dam LTVA from a campground to a home, a true community, is the Christian Service Center. Yes they provide non-denominational church services, but they also provide essential services like an address for mail and packages, a computer center, propane filling station, emergency message service and even a thrift store. And this doesn’t even begin to tell you about the wide range of activities at the CSC.

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Special Thanks To: Our “Liberry”

While it may not have it’s own URL, our “Liberry” certainly deserves its own section, and has one. The Liberry was started by Bob “Slobberjaws” and is named after his late wife, the Nyla Rose Dossett Memorial “Liberry” – No it’s not misspelled, that’s our very own pronunciation. You can contact the Liberry staff by visiting their web-corner. Be sure to visit them and check out their calendar and goings-on.

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Imperial Dam LTVA: Yuma Proving Grounds