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Imperial Dam LTVA: Squaw Lake

There is so much to see and do in and around the Imperial Dam LTVA. Lakes, Desert, Yuma and the historic Yuma Proving Grounds which dates back to 1943. We’ll get you started by summing up What’s Here, What’s Near and the Amenities and Services us Boondockers rely on. So take a look at the many years of information from Imperial Dam LTVA’s long-time residents. When it comes to what you will need to live “Off Grid” without sacrifice, be sure to check out our Solar Co-op (coming soon) for product and installation articles and classes by the Master Craftsman himself.

Amenities & Services

To sum up Amenities and Services at the Imperial Dam LTVA: Plain and simple, it has some of the best amenities of any Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA). The Imperial Dam LTVA stands out as a boondocker’s paradise. With 5 dump stations, 7 potable water stations and 7 Dumpsters, it has everything you need for a 7 month or 14 day stay. Then there is that hidden jewel of Imperial Dam LTVA, the 18 showers featuring a seven minute hot shower costing just $1. And like everything here, the showers are spotless.

The Details
Imperial Dam LTVA: Senator Wash Reservoir
Imperial Dam LTVA: Squaw Lake Boat Ramp

What’s Here

Besides the Amenities, there are all kinds of activities to fill your day. You have Senator Wash Reservoir and Squaw Lake. Both allow for camping and water activities. At the Gravel Pit Ramada there are aerobics and yoga classes held three times a week. The Gravel Pit also holds Jam Sessions every Sunday and special events during the season. The Christian Service Center keeps residents busy with ukulele lessons, painting classes, church choir, Bible study and more. And the Emergency Response Team (ERT) makes sure Imperial Dam LTVA residents get the best medical attention possible, as fast as possible. 

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What’s Near

The Yuma Proving Grounds (YPG), The City of Yuma, Baja Mexico, the Imperial Valley. All just a short drive from the Imperial Dam LTVA. The YPG is a great neighbor to Imperial Dam LTVA residents. They provide emergency services working with the Imperial Dam LTVA Emergency Response Team, great propane prices, free movies, a bowling alley and lots more. You will need to show a valid ID and vehicle registration in order to obtain a day pass. Yuma is a major city with a full range of both small and large stores. One of the nation’s largest agricultural areas, the Imperial Valley offers fantastic produce at bargain prices through the many roadside stands. Last but not least is Los Algodones right across the border in Baja Mexico with its great prescription drug prices and some of the best dental care available at a fraction of U.S. prices.

Find Out
Imperial Dam LTVA: Yuma Proving Grounds
Imperial Dam LTVA: Christian Services Center

Christian Service Center

A Christian Center? What almost every resident of the Imperial Dam LTVA will tell you, whether they’re Christian or not, is that what changes the Imperial Dam LTVA from a campground to a home, a true community, is the Christian Service Center. Yes they provide non-denominational church services, but they also provide essential services like an address for mail and packages, a computer center, propane filling station, emergency message service and even a thrift store. And this doesn’t even begin to tell you about the wide range of activities at the CSC.

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