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The Imperial Dam LTVA is one of the largest kamping areas in the country even though  there are no kamping spots or kampsites. What it does have, we call neighborhoods, because they mimic the neighborhoods of the 1940s and 1950s. American Neighborhoods, boht U.S. and Canadian. The Imperial Dam LTVA Neighborhoods take on another whole new status, they allow our own Emergency Response Team to assist Sheriffs, Fire Departments and Ambulances to locate you in case of an emergency. Be sure to register to help locate you in case of emergency.

Like the neighborhoods of yesteryear, the geography and the people attracted to each Imperial Dam LTVA neighborhood vary. Here is a glimpse into our Imperial Dam LTVA Neighborhoods.

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The Imperial Dam LTVA Neighborhoods

Click on the neighborhood below to get more information and driving instructions on how to get there. You can also find any Imperial Dam LTVA neighborhood using the Google Map below. Our Google Interactive maps will get you to the Imperial Dam LTVA, our directions will take you from there. For a printable version of the Imperial Dam LTVA Map, created by the Imperial Dam LTVA ERT (Emergency Response Team), click the “Printable Map” button in the below map header.

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Imperial Dam LTVA Interactive

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Comments 2

  1. Larry Stone

    All of the LTVA is suppose to be first come first serve. So I hear if I arrive there and camp in a spot that someone, who arrives later, believes is theirs, I’ll be having problems. I’ve read several comments on other sites that makes me believe that there is a close knit community of long timers that believe they control the LTVA. Is this all true? Should us newbies just stay away?

  2. Cindy Ethridge

    I am wondering the same thing. Newbie this year. Just found out about this site. Thought I might join in next winter but now I am wondering if I would be welcome, and how to avoid territorial disputes.

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