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Imperial Dam LTVA: Squaw Lake

KNN or Kampground News Network, allows visitors to enjoy all of the news from our Imperial Dam LTVA blog as well as blogs from the entire Website Family. We will also include blogs that are set up in our ever expanding Community Network so you can see what’s happening from your favorite community. If you’re interested in contributing a story that will be of interest to the Imperial Dam community, please contact us.

Imperial Dam LTVA Blog

The Imperial Dam LTVA blog focuses on living within the BLM and its regulations and what it takes to live out on the desert and how residents of the LTVA are affected.

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Imperial Dam LTVA: Blog
Imperial Dam LTVA: Boondocker Chatter

Boondocker Chatter

The Boondocker Chatter has been writing about the Imperial Dam LTVA and its community for over 7 years. The Boondocker Chatter Online Blog will continue to provide interesting stories about what’s happening at the Imperial Dam LTVA, its history, the surrounding environment and its inhabitants. It will also continue to report on activities and current events of the Imperial Dam LTVA.

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Christian Service Center Blog

The Christian Service Center has been providing services and fellowship to the Imperial Dam LTVA since 1972. The Christian Service Center blog will focus on the history of the Christian Service Center as well as its activities, services and news.

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Imperial Dam LTVA: Christian Service Center Blog
Imperial Dam LTVA: Emergency Response Team Blog

Emergency Response Team Blog

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) has been helping the community for many years now. This blog will feature stories about the history of the ERT, its emergency procedures, what LTVA residents can do in an emergency and health tips for preventive medicine, to name a few of their topics. 

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