The “Liberry”

Open: Daylight Hours Only, 7 days a week.
Season: October 15 – March 15.
Location: North Rim on South Mesa.
Please see “Getting There“, below.


  • FREE Book Exchange
  • FREE TABLE: Next to Liberry/Unwanted, gently used items for giveaway. PLEASE, NO CLOTHES
  • Recycle: Recyclable plastics & aluminum (CRV5)
  • Collection funds: for Liberry & Pot Lucks

Welcome to the Liberry!

Welcome to the Nyla Rose Dossett Memorial “Liberry” – No it’s not misspelled, that’s our very own pronunciation.

DID YOU KNOW…that we have our very own “Liberry”? It’s located on the South Mesa across from, and between, the two restrooms. Look for the silver airstream trailer, the bright blue and silver support trailer and the American Flag flying high over Senators Wash. We are open from daylight or about 7am usually, until dark or about 5pm in the winter. All of our books are replenished each season by donations from our great patrons. We accept paperback only, due to space restrictions, unless large print. We don’t accept religious material (we don’t want to compete with the Christian Service Center); neither do we accept political information, cookbooks, tour volumes, magazines, nor CD’s videos, etc. Some of our various genres include: Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romantic Suspense, The Classics, Paranormal Romance, Westerns, Native American and Early American, Mystery, Adventure and Military, Biography, Children’s (just a small section), Large Print and Inspirational Romance. Authors Nora Roberts/J D Robb and Danielle Steele have their own sections and we also have a few French Language titles well as a non-fiction and Misc. Fiction section. We ask that you only take six books per visit and return six the next time. You may wonder where the well-loved and duplicate books go when we dispose of them. They actually find good homes with the Mission and Yuma’s many homeless. They know my car now, and greet me, almost before I get out, to find their own treasures.

Our fundraiser for expenses and general upkeep, i.e. tires, windows etc., are the recycles. We have two barrels each for aluminum soda/beer cans and for plastic bottles. Plastic MUST have the CA CRV5 designation on them. We cannot accept plastic bags, food containers, medicine bottles or liquor bottles! We also cannot accept any glass bottles, etc. Please help our recyclers by sorting these out before emptying your bags, they have to sort through every barrel. It’s a HUGE job. We could NOT do this without the help of our “Preacherman”. He coordinates pickup and delivery to the transfer stations in California. Our fund also provides support for our community pot lucks, our great emergency team and the Boondocker Chatter.

At the end of the Liberry we have a free table. This is where folks put unwanted or unneeded items. Again, we have items we can’t accept, such as: Clothing, shoes, port-a-potties (yes! We have had a couple of them show up). Also, we can’t handle large heavy items, like TV’s, chairs and other furniture.

It would be a big help if you check back in a few days or a week, and remove any of your articles which no one has claimed.

We are staffed by volunteer Liberrians, willing to commit to and spend a couple of hours one day a week. These great people, whom I call my Liberry Sweethearts, are responsible for returning the books to the shelves and generally keeping Our Liberry in tip top shape for our patrons. If you would like to be part of this team, please see Angel in the Victory Lane parked kitty-cornered to the Liberry, or send an email or go to Facebook at the Our Liberry page (also a good place to stay in touch during off season).

The little blue trailer is the Liberry Support Trailer. In it we keep all the items we loan out for the Senators Wash community. We have 10 tables with stands and tablecloths if you need them; we have a couple of wheelchairs, 2 walkers, crutches, etc. for those unforeseen emergencies; we have paper plates, cups, plastic ware, napkins and utensils for pot lucks; also 2 big propane cookers. The signup sheet is a calendar in the Liberry, on the shelf just to the right of the door. Just sign your name and what- you need and how long you will keep it, as soon as you have dates in mind. On that date see Angel or Redneck in the Victory Lane just kitty-cornered to the Liberry and we will let you in to get the item. If you go to sign up, for instance for 5 tables, and someone else has 10 signed out for that date, you know they aren’t available, so it’s important to reserve them early.

The Liberry Board is set up to make sure there is overall Liberry flow in all areas, and to answer any questions or problems about its usage. It consists of: Chairperson Craig (Bomber D) Dorman, Secretary Susan (Schoolteacher) Anderson, Bob (Slobberjaws) Dossett, JoAnne (Ricks Lady) Finch and Fern (Cupcake) Cooper.

The Liberry Caretakers are, Joyce (Angel) and Bob (Redneck) Casey. We hope to meet and greet you all at some point during the season and welcome you to our winter community. Come by and grab a book….or six, and just say Hi

Joyce (Angel)

Liberry Caretakers

Meet your Liberry Caretakers. Angel (right in photo) sees to the day to day flow and coverage of Liberrians and recycle helpers and attempts to keep the Liberry as clean as possible given our dusty environment. Redneck (left in photo) is in charge of assuring our facilities are moved at season beginning and end and overseeing maintenance and upkeep.

Getting There


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