Imperial Dam LTVA - Little Iggy

Little Iggy

Iggy’s passing has been noted by many. The funeral directors were Daisy Mae & Hula Hoop; the headstone was designed by Daisy Mae; the grave diggers were Lil Abner & War Hoop; the Iggy singing eulogy was written by Hey Jude; the social media consultant was Montana Chickadee; the pall bearers were Sand Storm & Storm Claw; and the funeral procession to the grave was accompanied by a Native American flute played by Pink Foot. There were about 30 mourners to say goodbye to Iggy. He is probably the most famous of all the desert iguana lizards in Skunk Hollow. For photos of the funeral, please see the Photo Gallery.


Eulogy set to music by Hey Jude, Desert Rain & Hula Nani
(The Hermanizers from Herman’s Horsepath)
Accompanied with the dobro and ukuleles
(to the tune of “On Top of Old Smokey”)

Little Iggy

Way down in Skunk Hollow
We found him one day
And thought he was sleeping
So still he did lay

He was found in the bushes
Lying cold in the sand
When up walked a stranger
And held out his hand

Yep, here in Skunk Hollow
He met his demise
A real handsome fellow
And quite a good size

We don’t know what happened
No little note was found
Just him lyin’ still there
All alone on the ground

What were his last wishes
We’ll just never know
It’s so very sad that
We couldn’t watch him grow

We made him a tombstone
It says “Iggy Lies Here”
Our little desert lizard
Please don’t shed a tear

At all the fun races
That occur here each year
He’ll watch over all them
For the winner he’ll cheer

He will be our mascot
And watch us have fun
Right here in Skunk Hollow
As we bask in the sun

On Feb. twenty-seventh,
Of Twenty Sixteen,
Our dear little Iggy
Will n’er again be seen

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