Dump Stations

With four dump stations, the Imperial Dam LTVA has little waiting. On the rare occasion where there is a line waiting to dump, please be considerate of others. We know that the BLM amenities area has become a popular place to catch up on the latest happenings, please move to an area where you will not be holding up other members.

Longtimers’ Tips

You may want to consider getting yourself a tote or a combo-wagon complete with sewer grinder to take your sewer to the dump station. When your’re boondocking, most people don’t want to move their RV. Getting it level, resetting the TV antenna and putting the CB antenna up and down can be a significant amount of work. The preferred method to dump your sewage, empty your trash and get water, is a small trailer with water and sewer tanks, what the locals affectionately call a turd taxi. A grinder aids in the process as it both sucks out sewage and grinds it at the same time. This can be particularly handy when your RV’s sewer pipe is too low to gravity drain your sewage.

Getting There

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